07 August 2018

Written by Asst. Prof. Fidelina Flores

Published: 31 August 2018

About 460 students gathered in the Electrical Engineering Auditorium last August 7, 2018, Tuesday for the College of Engineering and Agro-Industrial Technology (CEAT) Freshman Convocation. The students came from different parts of the country to study in the university.

Some of the students are the products of the K-12 program initiated by the government. They will follow the new 4-year engineering curriculum. Before, the degree programs offered by the college was 5 years but it was revised to align with the K to12 program and was reduced to 4 years.The students will also enjoy free tuition while studying in the university. This was in accordance with the Universal Access to Quality Tertiary Education Act otherwise known as RA 10931.

In many ways, the freshman convocation conducted by the college marks the start of the university experience and guides the student into their new academic environment.

Dr. Arnold R. Elepaño, CEAT Dean, gave the welcome message to the freshman and he also introduced the members of the CEAT administration. Some faculty and staff from the different units in the college attended the college convocation to show their support of the incoming freshmen. This was done so that the students will realize they have a new home and they are part of the CEAT family and community so that they could easily adjust to their college life.

Asst. Prof. Angelo C. Ani, College Secretary OIC, discussed the academic policies and procedures that the students will have to follow. The students must be familiar with these policies and procedures as these will play a very important role in their stay in the university. These will also serve as their guides in navigating some academic tasks in the college.

The top 10 CEAT New Freshman UPCAT Qualifiers were also awarded during the program and Ms. Drew Kayla Baysa, an incoming BSIE freshman, gave a brief message and some expectations of her college life.

New members of the CEAT College Student Council were also inducted by Dr. Elepaño during the program. Dr. Myra G. Borines, CEAT Associate Dean, gave the closing remarks which was followed by the singing of the Kolehiyong Mahal and UP Naming Mahal which was lead by the SELEStial Chorale. After that, the students were divided according to their degree program for an orientation to be hosted by their respective units.

You can see excitement and curiosity in different form from the students as they all want to make new acquaintance. One of the goals of the convocation is to welcome the students into the university so that they could see it as a place for learning and development. They might be students today, but they will be our leaders in the future that would help in nation building.